Let’s Get (Quantum) Weird: Quantum Dot Technology Takes Off in Displays Everywhere

This article was originally published on Premiumbeat’s blog here.

Quantum dot technology is ready to explode…and it’s going to forever change the display industry.

Quantum Display Technology
3D, 2D, and photographic images of three different quantum dot form factors for enhancing color saturation in display backlights.

The science behind an emerging technology known as quantum dots will soon allow for improved color performance and an adherence to standards that have largely been ignored on the manufacturer’s end. The technology is already powering award-winning 55” Sony displays as well as the 8” display of the Amazon Kindle HDX.

You may have heard of quantum computing, in which bits not only exist as ones and zeros, but as either at any time. Quantum dots are similar in concept, harnessing a different property of quantum mechanics that allows engineers to change the color of the material by changing its size. This relates to quantum weirdness, a real term, believe it or not, which states thatsubstances can be determined not just based on what the materials are made of but by the size of these materials.

QD-Vision is a company dedicated to developing and advancing the quantum dot technology and has been shipping optical products worldwide since the beginning of 2013. QD has the world’s largest manufacturing facility of the technology, and markets a type of tube which is just one component of an LCD display. A manufacturer like Sony puts the tubes into their LCDs to take advantage of the dots when it designs their TVs.

Quantum Dot Technology Benefits

Quantum Dot Technology
QD-Vision’s Color IQ optic alongside a TV, to show size

The advantages of the dots themselves are manifold. First, they deliver OLED color at the cost of LCDs with an improved color performance of 50%. The technology is cost-effective as well as efficiently scalable, so it can be used in small and large displays alike, and will be able to support the upcoming Ultra-HD standard. Quantum dot optics also offer the only full NTSC color gamut solution in a market riddled with unmet broadcast standards. If that’s a bit over your head, consider this: Sony’s Triluminos series that houses the technology won the Best in Show Award from Tech Radar as well as a Blue Ribbon for Best Home Theater Product during CES2013.

Read the full story at PremiumBeat.

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