Instagram Looks in DaVinci Resolve: Part 2

This article was originally published on PremiumBeat’s blog.

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Here’s Part 2 of our peek into using DaVinci Resolve to get retro-cool Instagram looks.

In part one of the Instagram looks post, we analyzed two rather extreme styles. This time, let’s investigate two more subtle styles. All of the images used in this tutorial are from Shutterstock.

The Third Look – Pagan Princess

Queen of the forest. Baroness of the brunch.

Hipster Princess

Last time we worked with a magenta-heavy grade. Magenta is a fashion-friendly color since it helps to create pleasing skin tones. Magenta’s complement, green, tends to be shied away from. To many, green can make the skin look too sickly and drained of blood.

The image of the girl in the field flies in the face of that. The shot is dominated by yellow and green and yet is pleasing to the eye. I like the creative’s choice to not taking the typical route. The shot’s palette doesn’t hide from the tones of the natural scene.

Let’s bring the image into Resolve and analyze what’s going on. Most of the image’s trace veers into yellow and green. The skin tones haven’t gone off the deep end into green. They’re pegging at a nice, creamy yellow. The highlights are warmer, but don’t contain as much red as in our other examples. The blacks are lifted and are tinted only slightly toward green.

From what’s circled in red, we observe the highlights are warmed up a bit. The blue circle shows us the black level and its tint. Looking at the vectorscope (green circle) shows us the image is somewhat desaturated. We’ll use all this information to match to our reference image. 

look 3 - reference scopes circled

Balancing and lifting for the blacks gets us some of the way there, but most of this look is in the midtones and highlights. Careful nudging of the mids towards yellow-green, along with desaturating overall, solidifies this look. The reference image contains low contrast so we won’t modify it too much, although I did brighten the midtones to better approximate the outside lighting present in the reference image.

Our resultant grade. It’s a subtle one, but not every project calls for an extreme look.

woman in car - corrected look 3

Read the full article on PremiumBeat’s blog.

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